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Net Wrap | Fine Twine Products

net wrapNet wrap has become the industry standard for preserving baled hay.

Using net wrap improves baling efficiency by up to 35 percent. Additionally, wrapped bales are much better at keeping out moisture. Improve your bale integrity today with our variety of net wraps.

great american netwrap

We proudly feature Great American Netwrap – The Fine Twine Co. signature brand – which meets the highest standards for all your baling needs. Made in America, each roll has a 130 meter end-of-roll warning stripe. CALL TO ORDER

In addition to Great American Net Wrap, we carry Tama, Integra, Fabpro and Bridon net wrap brands. All industry standard widths and lengths. Extended lengths (XL), including over-the-edge coverage in 51” and 67” widths.

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Benefits of Net Wrap

  • Faster baling – more efficient
  • Less baler maintenance
  • Retains nutrients
  • Increases productivity
  • Helps shed moisture
  • UV Stabilization

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