Agricultural, home, and commercial use hay knife

Our Great American Net Wrap is great for preserving the integrity of your harvest, but without a hay knife, it’s not the easiest to remove. Our specially designed knife is the perfect tool to remove bale wrap once you’re ready to use it. Because face it, while a pocket knife is great for quick cutting tasks, heavy duty net wrap or silage film can take a toll on your knives.

This popular knife features a heavy blade and uses standard blades. It’s 30-inch length means you won’t have to get on the ground to cut open bales anymore. It also means it won’t get lost.

At The Fine Twine Co., we keep one in the barn and one in the truck.

Benefits of our hay knife:

  • PROUDLY Made in the U.S.A.
  • Has a durable handle and standard blades
  • Cut twine, mesh, plastic wrap, feed bags, etc.
  • Loosen frozen or embedded twine
  • Grip hay knife easily with work gloves on
  • Uses replaceable standard utility knife blades
  • Reaches across 6′ bales
  • You’ll lose 10 pocket knives before you lose this knife!

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