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wheel tracker cultivator sweepTired of changing Sweeps?

Then check out the Wheel Tracker Max Life Carbide Edge Coated Cultivator Sweep. Proven to give you more wear life with little or no downtime.

Perfect for placement in the wheel track, front row or entire machine. We have products to match all machines.

Don’t lose money changing out sweeps. With the Caden Carbide Edge, expect greater performance, greater weed control and increased tillage speeds.

Three field cultivators, 8,000 acres accelerated speeds and ONE set of sweeps – that are still good for next year.

Steve Luther

Stine Seed

Why risk yields? Get the field-tested leader and forget about downtime changing wheel track sweeps.

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Also ask us about Ripper Points – Max Life Carbide Edge Stealth Ripper with Replaceable Wing. Available with 2-1/2″, 5″, 7″ and 12″ wings.