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mega cornstalk compression rack

The Extreme Duty Compression Rack is designed to work as a whole cornstalk system, giving you greater harvest capacity every time.

The extra weight and the additional compressor rods press down the crop material into the baler teeth for more aggressive feeding of light fluffy crop material.

Benefits of the Extreme Duty Compression Rack:

  • Custom machined of steel tubing instead of OEM plastic models
  • 8″ inches in diameter compared to the OEM, which is just 4″ inches
  • When used with our Baffle Roller Extensions it can help compress and feed in crop material
  • Long bar constructed of solid shaft instead of the OEM, which uses a hollow pipe.
  • Features 10 compressor rods versus OEM, which only uses 6.

Here’s what the Extreme Duty Compression Rack looks like on a John Deere baler. 

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