Fine Twine Co. started in 2002 by Iowa brothers

by | Nov 22, 2017

Tony Kellen and Rick Kellen of Fine Twine Co.Hi, we’re Tony and Rick Kellen, and we started The Fine Twine Co. on the family farm south of Alton, Iowa, in the heart of northwest Iowa. We opened our doors in 2002 around the kitchen table, mainly as a reseller of twine and net wrap.

We’ve grown slowly as we search for more ways to serve our growing customer base with quality products.

We now are a leading provider of hay production products in the central United States.

Our office in Sioux County, Iowa, is home to some of America’s finest farmland. Together we farm more than 800 acres, trusting the same products we sell to our customers every day.

Serving 13 states 

The Fine Twine Co. supplies producers across a 13-state area from Texas to North Dakota with high quality hay products including baling twine, net wrap, alfalfa seed, Crusher rollers, hay tarps, and many more hay production products.

Our goal: increase your productivity, protect your hay investment, keep you moving efficiently.

We understand that our success depends on your success. Let us help you be successful!

Tony Kellen

Owner, Fine Twine Co.

Our products include the leading manufacturers in the industry. We carry Bridon, Tama-USA, America’s Alflafa, AG Research, Poly Excel, and WL Alfalfa, among others. And we continue to seek new partners.

Quality is Important: We believe that long after the sweetness of low price is gone, the bitterness of poor quality remains. That’s why we’re competitively priced but focused on quality products first and foremost.

Thank you for your business, and thank you for choosing Fine Twine Co.